As we approach the summer months, starting to work on developing a base tan is becoming increasingly tempting. Or perhaps you prefer to maintain your tan all year round?

Here at Sunbed Hire Northern Ireland, we offer a range of sunbeds available for hiring across Northern Ireland to suit all tanning requirements.

But before deciding to use a sunbed, did you know it’s important to identify your skin type to ensure you are tanning safely?

Different Kinds of Skin Types When Tanning

Everyone’s skin reacts differently when exposed to UV rays. It is important that as a tanner, you understand your skin type and act responsibly when using a sunbed to ensure an enjoyable experience as well as protecting your skin.

If you are unaware of your skin type prior to using a sunbed, this can lead to overexposure, burning your skin and premature ageing effects. However, if you know your skin type and tan responsibly, you will benefit from increased Vitamin D and an all over, even tan.

While you may be able to identify your skin type yourself, if you have any queries about your skin type and how long you should use a sunbed for, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help with this.

There are many different skin types to be aware of before using a sunbed and identifying yours before sunbed usage is important. These are:

Skin Type 1

People with Skin Type 1 will usually have very pale skin with a lot of freckles and an eye colour of light blue, green or grey. If this is your skin type, your hair colour may be red or light blonde.

For those with Skin Type 1, you may notice that when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it usually turns red, burns and you do not develop a tan.

If this is your skin type, it is highly recommended that you do not use a sunbed as your skin type has a high risk of burning and potential damage to your skin.

Skin Type 2:

Those with Skin Type 2 will usually have fair skin before UV exposure with some freckles, however not as many as those with Skin Type 1. If this is your skin type, you may have light blonde or brown hair with light coloured eyes.

With Skin Type 2, your skin may typically burn when exposed to sunlight so great care should be taken when tanning.

It is advised that with Skin Type 2, you should start on a sunbed for 2-3 minutes for your first few sessions before building this up to 3-4 minutes. With this skin type, you should not exceed 5 minutes per tanning session.

Skin Type 3:

If you have Skin Type 3, your skin will typically be fair to light brown with little to no freckles. People with Skin Type 3 usually have dark blonde to light brown hair with grey or green eyes.

With this skin type, when exposed to UV rays, there is a moderate risk of burning, however this is less than those with Skin Types 1 and 2, so care should still be taken and time spent on a sunbed should be built upon over time. An olive tan can be expected with Skin Type 3.

It is advised that with Skin Type 3, like Skin Type 2, sessions should start off at 2-3 minutes for the first few sessions. This can then be built up to 3-4 minutes with a maximum of 5 minutes overall once the tan has started to build.

Skin Type 4:

For those with Skin Type 4, burning tends to be less common as their complexion is olive or light brown, with brown hair and eyes.

Despite burning occurring less frequently with Skin Type 4, caution should still be taken during the first few sunbed sessions as skin damage can still happen if overexposed for a long period of time.

It is advised for this skin type, tanning sessions should start off at 3-4 minutes for session one, 4-5 minutes for the second session, 5-6 minutes for session 3 and finally, adding 1-2 minutes per session up to a maximum of 8 minutes per session.

Skin Type 5:

If you have Skin Type 5, it is likely that you would very rarely experience burning on your skin when exposed to UV rays. Your skin tone is deep brown and your eyes and hair are likely to be dark brown.

With Skin Type 5, tanning tends to occur rapidly as the skin has its own degree of protection within.

It is recommended for Skin Type 5 that tanning sessions should start at 4-5 minutes, after which 1-2 minutes can be added per session up to a maximum of 10 minutes per session to ensure skin is not being over exposed.

Are You Interesed In Hiring a Sunbed in Northern Ireland?

If you would like more information on our sunbed hiring services or help identifying your skin type before sunbed use, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to discuss the best sunbed for your tanning needs.