When hiring a sunbed for either long or short periods of time, it is important to look after it to ensure you are getting the most out of your sunbed hire and importantly, so you can have a comfortable sunbed experience.

Here are some tips for taking care of a sunbed during your hire:

Check If Your Tanning Products Are Compatible With Our Sunbeds

When hiring a sunbed, it is good to check with our team to ensure the tanning products you are using are compatible with sunbed use and UV exposure.

At Sunbed Hire Northern Ireland, we offer a range of tanning lotions and accelerators which help speed up your skin’s natural tanning process and ensure a deep, even tan. These products are made and formulated to be used on a tanning bed and contain ingredients which do not harm the acrylic layer on your sunbed.

However, using products such as sun creams which are created for outdoor tanning can be harmful to your sunbed and cause the acrylic to crack or deteriorate at a faster rate than it usually would.

It is also important to note that sunbed lotions are created with the intention of speeding up the process of tanning by encouraging the skin to produce melanin at a faster rate whereas sun creams are formulated to protect your skin by blocking UV rays. If you are using a sunbed with the intention of building a tan, sun creams will delay this as well as being harmful to your sunbed.

Products which are used primarily for outdoor tanning can also lack the moisturising ingredients present in tanning lotions, which can cause skin to dry out quicker and as a result, not tan as well as properly moisturised skin would.

If you would like more information on our range of tanning products available for purchase with your sunbed hire, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to discuss these with you.

Removing Jewellery Before Tanning To Prevent Scratching

Removing your jewellery before using a sunbed is important to prevent white lines from appearing while you tan as well as the possibility of your jewellery heating up whilst on your skin which can cause burning.

Jewellery can also scratch the acrylic on a sunbed. This means your sunbed provider will have to replace the acrylic sooner than anticipated and can sometimes cause an uncomfortable tanning experience if the acrylic has been scratched deeply.

To avoid this, removing all jewellery or anything which may cause scratching to the acrylic on your sunbed is advised to ensure you have the most comfortable tanning experience whilst also taking care of the sunbed appropriately.

Cleaning Your Sunbed After Each Use

To avoid a build up of products forming on your sunbed, it is important to clean it after each use. As well as tanning lotions, while using a sunbed, your body is likely to perspire due to the heat. These factors combined can be harmful to your sunbed if not cleaned properly and to future users of the sunbed who would be tanning in unsanitary conditions.

Disinfecting your sunbed after each use ensures any build up of tanning lotions is removed as soon as possible, reducing the risk of damages to the acrylic layer. This is important from a user perspective so you are getting the most out of your sunbed hiring experience but also for us as your hiring company, as well maintained sunbeds last longer and provide better results for our customers.

Cleaning your sunbed after each use also ensures those using the sunbed after you are tanning in clean, sanitary conditions.

It is important to check with our team which cleaning products are best to use when maintaining a sunbed during your hire, as some household cleaning products can be extremely harmful to a sunbed.

Using cleaning products which contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals present in a lot of household cleaners can damage the acrylic on a sunbed and cause it to deteriorate quicker than it should.

These products can also be harmful to future clients as the chemicals present in the cleaners, when paired with the UV rays, may cause a reaction to anyone with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Are You Interested In Hiring a Sunbed in Northern Ireland?

If you would like more information on our sunbed hiring services, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to discuss the best sunbed for your tanning needs.